Social Media.

Hey guys and happy Wednesday! I hope you all are having a great week. Sorry this post is kind of late; this week has been insane. Anyway, the topic of today’s post is about social media. More specific, it is about followers and likes on social media.

It feels great to get likes doesn’t it? You have that one picture you have on Instagram that gets many more likes than usual and you gain a lot of confidence and feel validated? It happens to me too. Here is the thing: social media does not define your worth or beauty. It truly does not matter how many likes you get. Whether you get 30 or 300 likes on something, you are still beautiful. Love yourself for who you are and who cares if people like it or not. I have recently come to the conclusion that I need to stop worrying about how many likes I will get and begin to just post what I want and when I want. Have confidence in who you are, and do not let social media define you. Your life is so much more than a picture on Instagram or a tweet. Become popular with yourself and do not focus on becoming popular with everyone else.

Along with this, followers do not matter either. Sure, it would feel great to have thousands of followers, but I am not going to spend my time and happiness worrying about why I do not have a lot of followers. I am me. I am worthy. I am beautiful and so are ALL of you. My life is so much more than social media and I encourage you all and myself to put the phone down and just enjoy the small things. Watch a sunset, have a deep conversation, just be present in life.

Social media does not follow you. Whether you are popular on social media or not, you are beautiful and amazing people. Love yourself for who you are and remember to be present in life.

Stay bold and beautiful! Have a great week!


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