Hey guys. Happy Wednesday! The week is half over so if you are having a rough week, keep pushing through it. I believe in you and you can do it! So today’s topic is on exercise/working out.

I cannot tell you guys how many times I was in the middle of a run or a workout and I just did not feel like I was doing a good job. Something would feel off or I felt exhausted and slow and not excited that I was exercising. When that happens, it always makes me feel bad about myself and makes me feel like I am failing myself. I am still working on this reaction to this day. I went for a run a couple days ago for the first time after being sick and it was hard and not my fastest. By the end of the run, I was getting down on myself but then I remembered: I ran. I went out and I exercised and pushed through, no matter how hard it was.

If you are ever in a workout and you feel like you are not doing well, that is okay. We all have off days and it does not mean you are weak. In fact, pushing through those days are what make you physically and mentally stronger. It may be hard, but you are amazing for continuing and always trying. If you need to, take a break, get some water and reset yourself. Tell yourself you can do it and give it all you have. Just keep pushing and trying your best and that should make you so proud of yourself. I am proud of you guys.

Also, be proud of yourself not matter how long you workout. Whether 10 minutes or 2 hours, be proud you exercised. Some days, 10 minutes is all I can get through and some days, I am feeling great and go for around 45 minutes. No matter how long, be proud you did and remember it takes time to build up exercising. Be patient and listen to your body. When you do that, you will be unstoppable.

As always, have a great week and contact me if you have any questions or just need someone to talk too.

Stay bold and beautiful!


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