Hey guys and happy Wednesday, once again. I hope it is wonderful. I am currently in the middle of studying for finals and my finals are next week so I am personally busy as ever. So, in advance, I apologize if this post is shorter than usual.

So, today’s topic is on assertiveness. For me personally, it can be hard sharing my opinions. Sometimes, I feel people do not care to hear them, or it will cause drama, or I just do not feel like my opinion is important enough to share. The same goes for standing up for myself if something happens. I just really like to avoid as much drama as possible.

However, one of the largest lessons I have learned in the last few months is that my opinion is important and I need to stand up for myself more. I need to be more assertive and let people know they cannot walk over me. This change in myself may bring on more drama than usual, but I have accepted that and I am okay with that as long as I am bettering myself.

Your opinion matters. Your feelings matter. Stand up for yourself. If someone upsets you, tell them. If you have an opinion, Share it. You deserve to be heard and listened too. You are important, so if you are like me, and are too reserved at times, stand up for yourself and be proud of yourself and your thoughts. You are amazing, and the world deserves to see it.

If you already have an easy time sharing your opinions and feelings, I admire you. For real, tell me your magic.

I will probably always be a bit reserved and I am okay with that. I just do not want to let my feelings and opinions be unimportant.

Be proud of who you are. Reserved. Outgoing. A mix of in between. Be proud of that. Let yourself be heard.

Stay bold and beautiful!

Disclaimer: I am not saying sharing opinions that are mean or that will hurt someone else. Just do not be afraid to share your opinions when in a conversation or when you feel they need to be shared. You will feel so much better when the feelings are not bottled up.


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