Friend Circles/Social Life.

Oh boy. Today’s topic can be a touchy one, but I feel it is important to talk about.

Regardless of how independent someone is, we all need social interaction. Humans are a social species, and having people to talk to just makes life more exciting and also comforting.

I am someone who has always had friends from many different groups with different backgrounds and interests and my friends in general are pretty different from each other. I love that. I love how all of my friends are all so unique but also so beautiful and kind.

Here is one thing: my friend circle is not very big. It just isn’t. When I first got to college, that did not bother me. I moved around a lot as a child so I was always fine just having a few close friends. However, as I got into college more, I started noticing how everyone seemed to be friends with everyone. Everyone’s social media had pictures with different people every weekend or they would always be meeting new people.

Granted, I knew a lot of that was from partying and I was never really interested in partying when I first started college, but I still noticed it and my self esteem was hurt. I was always wondering why I did not have like 50 friends I hung out with all the time. Was I not likable? Was I weird?

Now, disclaimer first. If you are one of those people who is always surrounded by new people and friends and you love that, that is awesome and continue with that because I am sure you are going to have so much fun and meet so many great people.

However, over the past couple of years, I have come to the conclusion that I am not one of those people who want a large friend circle. I have several close friends and I love them and I am always down to meet new people and make tons of new friends. But, I am not someone who wants to go out every weekend and go drinking or just be around a bunch of people. That can just be too much for me and sometimes, I love to lay in bed and just decompress and be at peace with myself. This has been especially me recently. School got out last week so I have just been spending a lot of time with good old Netflix just unwinding from the crazy school year and just being at peace.

I am comfortable with myself and the amount of friends I have and I realized that I am comfortable with who I am and that I do not have to be around people all the time to be confident with who I am.

So here is the bottom line, the amount of friends you have or how social you are does not have to reflect your confidence. If you are more comfortable by yourself or around a small group of people, do that. If you are more comfortable around a lot of people and you want to go out all the time, do that. be comfortable with your social level, if it is what is truly best for you.

You are the way you are and that is wonderful, embrace that and cherish the people and great memories in your life. Be open to new experiences, but only do what is comfortable for you.

Have a great week and stay bold and beautiful!


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