Weight and Happiness.

Hey guys and happy Wednesday! I hope your day is amazing wherever you are. Today’s topic is a topic that has been on my mind a lot recently.

The more I am on social media and continuing my journey eating healthier and working out, the more I see this concept of weight = happiness. That your weight defines whether you have a happy life or not. This makes me sad, that something superficial and just one part of a person seems to define the happiness of a person.

Yes, it is important to be physically healthy and that’s great. But mental health is important too. I would rather be overweight 20 pounds and be happy mentally than at a healthy weight and depressed. Maybe that is just me. But while I feel health is important, both mentally and physically, I also believe there is so much more depth to someone than their weight. People are so much more than how much they weigh and I feel we forget this sometimes.

Weight is not happiness. Maybe it is a goal to lose weight, or gain weight, and this influences how happy you are. And that is great. I love watching people achieve their goals. However, weight is not the only thing that defines happiness.

So, if you aren’t happy with your weight and you are connecting all of your happiness to that (which I am guilty of sometimes as well), I want you to look at yourself and realize every great part about you. There are so many great parts about each and every one of you. You’re so much more than your weight. You are so much more than one thing.

I know sometimes in society it can seem that all the people who are at healthy weights are the happiest, but that is not always true. So, next time you look at someone and assume they are happy because they are skinny or look at someone else and assume they are not happy just because they are not the skinniest, I urge you to rethink. People of different weights struggle with the same things and thrive in the same things.

Happiness is more than weight, and I hope you remind yourself of that next time you find yourself only thinking about your weight.

You are all wonderful and I am proud of all of you.

Stay bold and beautiful!


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