Hey guys. This topic is definitely prominent right now in society, especially since summer is starting in most places.

Sizing, especially with women’s clothes sizing, is absolutely ridiculous in my opinion. I could be a size 4 in one store and a size 8 in another, just because some stores run small, and this can mess with mental health big time. It’s so confusing every time I got into a store. Then, if a size four does not fit like most size 4s do, I am like “did I gain weight?” “what is going on?” and that can quickly turn to a negative thought process and make shopping so much less fun.

We should not be anxious to go into a store and shop because we are worried about sizes. Stores like Forever 21 run small and this makes me mad. This store is one of the most popular stores for teenage girls, who are vulnerable, and sizing is so different there than most stores. Charlotte Russe is one of my favorite stores, not just because of the clothes, but because I do not feel the clothes run small. I do not get the vibe that they believe a small is a size 0 like I get at forever 21.

This bugs me because sizing does not define you, and it bothers me when people feel like they have to aspire to be a size 0 because thats what the world desire. Passing on that message ruins self esteem and happiness and I am not okay with that.

Here is my message: wear what you feel confident in. Try not to even look or care about the size and if you feel good in it, wear it. Wear what you want because at the end of the day, if you are confident about it, that will shine through and you will be beautiful.

Have a great week guys and stay bold and beautiful!


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