Friends are important. There is no denying that. Having good, healthy relationships are an important part of happiness.

Recently, I have been at a point in my life where some of my friends are not as close of friends anymore or for one reason or another, I am not friends with them anymore. This part of life happens to everyone and it creates a lot of growth and change, which is wonderful. However, this time can be hard and maybe even painful.

What I am realizing through all of this is that, people really are not your friends if they cause negativity in life. Whether that is from treating you wrong, or from being immature or for whatever reason, these people are not your friends.

True friends are the positive people who support you, love you, and are there for you always. These are the people who you always want to be around and they just make you feel happy.

I know this topic is talked about numerous of times, but it is still nice to remind yourself of these things.

Keep the positive, rid the negative

Stay bold and beautiful!


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