Hey guys. Happy Wednesday! Hope you all are having a great week so far. I am on spring break so I am quite relaxed currently. However, my acne has flared up this week and this brings us to today’s topic, which is acne.

This week, I have been breaking out everywhere. It is probably for multiple reasons, but it is annoying regardless. Acne can be one of the quickest ways to lose self confidence. You are feeling great all day and then you look in the mirror at night and bam, a new mountain on your face has formed and it just depletes happiness. But here is the thing I have learned the most recently. Acne happens to most people. Most people at one time in their life have had at least one pimple, so why do we care about it so much? Why do we worry about people seeing it and worry that is all they will stare at? If I am honest, I never even notice if one of my friends has a bunch of acne. sure, you see it, but I never pay attention to it. It is irrelevant to me.

I want you and myself to remember this: you care about it more than anyone else. You are beautiful whether you have acne or not. Everyone deals with different skin issues and everyone has different skin, which is what is beautiful. Everyone is different and by having this differences, we can appreciate each other more. That pimple on your face does not determine your beauty. Sure, it is annoying and aggravating. But, it is temporary. That pimple will not last forever. So next time you look in a mirror and notice a break out and have that momentary freak out, remind yourself to take a deep breath and realize your beauty.

For every negative thing you say about yourself this week, I want you to name one or two positive things. I am going to try to do this as well because I have done it in the past and it helps with confidence so much.

Acne does not define you. It is just one of those biology things that gets us. So don’t stress about it. You are beautiful and continue to do the things that make you happy.

Have a great rest of the week and hold your beautiful selves high!

Stay bold and beautiful!


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