Cardio/ Weight lifting

Hey guys! Sorry this post is a day late but my days have been crazy lately. So today, I want to discuss something that has been on my mind recently, especially as I have been on social media. I feel like there is this battle between cardio and weightlifting. It seems as if some people say you are most healthy when you are doing cardio and others say the best way to be healthy is weight lifting. I have seen many people say that their transformations have been so much better since they stopped doing a lot of cardio and switched to weight lifting and mainly strength training. there is also this current trend going around where you have to be an intense weightlifter with the biggest butt to be attractive. The “ideal” is to be a lifter who has defined muscles and everything.

Honestly, that is fantastic if that is a goal for people and they want to achieve that. It makes me so happy when people are focusing on being strong in the mind and physically. That is not the issue I have. In fact, I think weight lifting and cardio are both great, especially if you love it and it motivates you. They are amazing and you should keep it up.

My issue is that there seems to be only one way to be healthy. It seems like I either have to do all cardio or all weight lifting to be healthy. Honestly guys, that is just not true. I love cardio more than weight lifting, but that is just my personal preference. I do strength training as well which I enjoy, but my heart is always in cardio. However, that does not mean I am any more or less healthy than my friends who love weight lifting.

If you are exercising and eating healthy and you are just overall healthy, it does not matter what exercise. If you love to go lift heavy and challenge yourself that way,  do it and be proud of it. If you love cardio and running and sports more than weight lifting, go that route and also be proud of yourself. If you do not exercise a lot but you are healthy and happy, then keep doing you. Health is achieved in multiple different ways, so do not let someone or something make you think otherwise

Do what works for you. Set your own goals and work hard to achieve them. In the end, you will be stronger both in your mind and in your body.

Have a great day and week guys.

Stay bold and Beautiful!


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