Happy Wednesday! Hope you all are having a good day and spring. Today’s topic is about clothes and style. Our style is such a large part of us and also something that can make or break confidence. Do you guys have that one or two outfits that just make you feel so true to yourself and confident? I know I do, and days where I wear those outfits are usually always good days. However, our style can indirectly bring our confidence down. This can happen in several ways such as when someone you are really close to does not like one piece of clothing you have or there is a stereotype related to the style. For example, people who like the punk style generally are viewed as “Scary” , but if I am honest, I’ve never met one scary punk person. Everyone is usually nice and kind, regardless of how “intense” their style is.

Here is the point of today’s post: have your own style, and be proud of it. I personally wear all black most days and really like the edgy/”alt” style. However, that does not mean I never wear any colors or do not like pop music. In fact, I like all kinds of music. Have your own style and enjoy every part of it. You do not have to dress or act one way just because of the clothes you wear or groups you belong too. You can be punk and also be a cheerleader or be a metalhead who also enjoys classical music. You can have any style you want. The potential for style is endless and everyone’s is so unique and I love that. I love that everyone adds their own personal touch to their style.

So don’t feel you have to portray a certain style or like everything related to one style. Make your style your own. Add flares to it that show your personality. It will make you feel more confident and that confidence will affect other people in a positive way. When people see you are confident, they will want to be confident to. Indirectly, you will help others while also making yourself confident and happy.

Embrace your uniqueness. Embrace the clothes you want to wear. Embrace everything that makes you, you. Who you are is wonderful, so don’t feel you have to hide that.

Sometime this week, I challenge you and myself to wear that one outfit you were always too scared to wear. That one outfit that you love but are afraid no one else will like it or you are scared you will be judged. I want you to embrace that outfit and love yourself in it. Have confidence in yourself and look in the mirror and look at how good you look in it. If you do not have an outfit like that because you truly embrace your style, that is awesome and keep it up.

Have a great rest of the week and embrace yourself and your uniqueness. You are amazing

Stay bold and beautiful!


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