Hey guys. Today’s post is not going to be about a specific topic because I have had the flu this week so I am kind of out of it and you all know how being sick goes. So today is going to be more casual and a discussion about self love in general. I apologize in advance for how random this post will probably be.

So first of all, it makes me so sad when I see people always comparing themselves to others on everything. From looks to talents to whatever else, people compare themselves to others. Now, I am aware that comparison is a part of the human brain and we are always going to do it, and that is fine, as long as you recognize your own beauty. For example, when I see people playing instruments, I’ll compare myself to them and be envious of how talented they are, but I always try to appreciate my own personal talents. While I am no Beethoven, I have my own skills such as helping people. I am pretty good at talking to people and helping them, and I love that about myself. The same thing goes for more superficial things such as looks. I, like every other girl, look at other girls and am envious of their bodies or hair. But slowly, I am accepting and loving myself more. I may  not be as skinny as some girls, but I have put in hard work for my body and I am loving it one day at a time.

So, while you will compare yourselves to others, try to also embrace what greatness you have. You are all great and beautiful in your own ways and that is what makes life wonderful. I love that everyone is different and I love when I get to talk to someone who is different than me and comes from a different walk of life. I learn so much from experiences like that and I think we should all embrace differences.

Embrace who you are, no matter how different or similar you are to someone else. You are beautiful and you are worthy.

Stay bold and beautiful!



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