Hey guys! Welcome to this weeks post. The topic of this post is on careers. This may seem like an odd topic regarding to self-love. But let’s all be honest: Doing something you help will help you love yourself. Your career can have a huge impact on your confidence. If you have a career that makes you feel proud, fulfilled, and excited, you will be way more confident than if you dread going to work everyday. I know that I personally get so confident when I finally understand something hard in class or do well on an exam or just know that I am on the right path in life.

Now, I know that I am still in college so I do not technically have a career yet, but I know that I am working towards my dream job and that gives me excitement and confidence every day. I feel like I am going to be great at my job and that makes me want to achieve my dream job even more.

Now, after that long rant, here is the main idea: choose the job you want. Study the topics you want. Work where you want to. So many degrees and dreams are squashed because they “wont get you anywhere” or “you will never find a job” and other comments. I personally experience these things all the time. As a psychology major, so many people question why I would want to study something that “requires a graduate degree to get anywhere” or “wont make any money”. I study psychology because I love the subject and because studying it and understanding it gives me confidence in my future and self. I study psychology because I know that I want to and am willing to put in the extra work it may take to get a stable job. Here is the thing though; if I enjoy it, it wont feel like extra work.

I used to take those unemployment comments to heart and get so angry, but not anymore. I am comfortable and confident that I am on the best path for MY life. at the end of the day it is MY life and YOUR life and we all should be working towards a career that will make us fulfilled and happy.

I challenge all of you to pursue your true dreams, whether that is becoming an artist, musician, business person, engineer, or whatever it may be. If it is your dream, I believe you can do it and accomplish it, no matter how much work it may take. Your confidence will grow in such huge ways once you start pursuing your dreams and a career that will make you happy. Once you begin pursuing your dreams, nothing can stop you, and you will realize how wonderful you truly are.

Do what makes you happy in life; have a career that makes you happy and this will help things fall into place you are already pursuing your dream career: that is amazing and I am so proud of you for being amazing. If you are not pursuing your dream career: I hope you choose to follow your dreams, and I am proud of you as well for being amazing.

You are all wonderful and I hope you have an amazing week.

Stay bold and beautiful!



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