Today’s topic is makeup. I feel like this topic is necessary to address because it honestly is a big component of self-love. Disclaimer: I am not here to tell you not to wear makeup. In fact, I love makeup. It is a creative outlet for me and I enjoy seeing all the different looks I can make. However, I used to use makeup to hide my “flaws”. I have acne, as most people do, and my cheeks are red most days, and I wanted to cover that up. But not now, I am comfortable wearing makeup and I am comfortable not wearing makeup, and that is what I am hear to discuss. Wear the makeup YOU want to, or don’t wear makeup at all. It’s YOUR face and YOUR style and there is something so beautiful about embracing your own style. You are beautiful with or without it, makeup is just an accessory. Some days you want to put on a whole glam face and thats wonderful. Some days you just roll out of bed late or just not feeling like putting effort into it, and thats great it. It is so brave to see when people embrace whatever look they are feeling. Heck, rock that sweatpants, no makeup look. It is one of my favorite looks personally.

Do not use makeup to hide whatever “flaws” you may think you have. I promise you if you went without makeup, no one would stare and if some jerk did, who cares? I know its easier to say than do because there are plenty of days where I am insecure about even one small acne scar I have.

But in all honesty, embrace your style, embrace yourself and love that blemish or scar or whatever is on your face or body that you are not comfortable with. That little “flaw” you see makes you unique, and I promise in the long run, happiness and beauty are determined by far more than that little mark. You are beautiful.

Embrace yourself. Embrace that glam makeup or no makeup look because its beautiful either way. We all have different tastes so all that matters is that you like it.

Lets all work on this bravery and confidence together. I know we can do it.

Stay bold and beautiful!



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